Perspective on Sharks


Thank you to Rodney Fox for sharing his story. He was attacked by a shark 50 years ago – Dec. 8 1963. If you’re interested in his book or in going shark cage diving in South Australia, check out:

Shark Attacks Statistics:

For Every one human killed by a shark there are roughly millions of sharks killed by humans. An estimated 100 million killed every year

WWF: Great White Shark


Veritasiums 10 Facts about Great White Sharks:

Video description

Remarkably little is known about great white sharks, but they are similar to humans in a lot of ways – they give birth to live young, maintain a higher body temperature than their surroundings and they are apex predators. There are also many misconceptions about these sharks: people think they don’t get cancer and that they reside mainly in shallow waters near beaches. In this video I summarize some of the most interesting things I learned about sharks on my cage diving adventure.

Special thanks to Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions for making this trip possible:

Thanks also to Tourism South Australia for facilitating the trip:

Chris Cassella or C² as he is known after this trip was a shark spotter extraordinaire. He also took some of the best shark footage in this video. It was his idea to go on this expedition, which was definitely a once in a lifetime experience, so I am in his debt. Chris, I look forward to going on more great adventures with you. Check out Chris’s facebook page ScienceAlert

What if there were no sharks? by It’s okay to be smart

Description of video

Sharks killed per hour infographic:

An estimated 100 million sharks are killed per year:

Palau sharks are worth $2 million:

Effect of shark overfishing on reefs:

Overfishing sharks led to scallop fishery collapse:…

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Joe Hanson – Host and writer
Joe Nicolosi – Director
Amanda Fox – Producer, Spotzen Inc.
Kate Eads – Associate Producer
Katie Graham – Camera
Editing/Motion Graphics – Andrew Matthews
Gaffer – John Knudsen

Theme music:
“Ouroboros” by Kevin MacLeod

Produced by PBS Digital Studios:…







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