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Pesticides have a number of negative side effects, and one of them is the death of a large portion of bird and bee populations! What does this mean for humans? Alex Farnham from Animalist News joins DNews to discuss how our food supply could be at risk!

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Pesticides linked to dwindling bird numbers – Dutch study
“The report is the first evidence that neonicotinoid pesticides, restricted in the European Union because of worries about bees, are having knock-on effects on larger creatures by reducing insect prey such as mosquitoes or beetles.”

“Neonicotinoids are a class of neuro-active insecticides chemically similar to nicotine.”

Declines in insectivorous birds are associated with high neonicotinoid concentrations
“Recent studies have shown that neonicotinoid insecticides have adverse effects on non-target invertebrate species.”

Photo © Robin Loznak/ZUMA Press/Corbis


The Reason Pesticides May Be Worse Than You Think by Discover News

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