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Penang is the home to wonderful history, friendly locals and delicious meals. A definite attraction in northern Malaysia, Penang is represents a mixture of traditional and modern culture. What is really synonym with Penang is the food! Ask Malaysians and many would have traveled to Penang just to savour the delicious meals.

It was a pity that I only managed to feature a few places and I bet others will tell that one stall is better than the other. But you see, that IS Penang. Too much good food! We just cannot name the best. I personally had a great time eating Nasi Kandar, Roti Canai, Cendol, Curry Mee, Fried Oyster with Eggs and the famous Asam Laksa. Come join me in my next food tour by SUBSCRIBING!

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Penang | Malaysia Food Tour Series [Ep 1] by Nyonya Cooking

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